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by Christine Feehan

Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, Vampire, Paranormal Romance
Sensuality: HOT

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As part of a challenge from her online fan base, megatalented Feehan agreed to try and make sure that the identity of her newest heroine remains cloaked in mystery until the book is officially released. To honor that challenge, my review is unusually cryptic. Fans have been waiting a long time for Zacarias De La Cruz’s story and it is well worth the wait. With a hero who is more predator than man, Feehan gives her readers a ringside seat for the fireworks. Grab some popcorn, settle in and enjoy!

Although he helped his brothers defeat a vampire army, Zacarias knows he has run out of time. With his brothers safely with their lifemates, Zacarias has decided to end his long life. As he lies waiting for the sun to finish him off, Zacarias is enraged when a disobedient human female saves him. Zacarias has had minimal human contact over the years, so he is in no way prepared for the behavior of this woman. With her gentle determination and solid steel spine, she is more than a match for his conditioned imperial will. The danger remains, however, as his mortal enemy approaches. (BERKLEY, Sep. 384 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed By: Jill M. Smith

Publisher: BERKLEY

Published: September 2011

Reader Rating

4.5 Stars

Average Rating: 4.5 Stars
(4 ratings)

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Zacarias Meets His Match

Submitted by cdchandler on September 22, 2011 - 9:16pm.

Once again, Ms Feehan, has written a book that defies comparison.  Truly this book stands on its own with a heroine who is not what would be expected.

I enjoyed this book a lot, although parts were hard to deal with, someone who's spent his life from early adulthood onward closed down from all emotions or any hope of ever meeting someone who could be his mate.

I am glad to see no one is ever is unredeemable .

Dark Predator

Submitted by hcabm on September 15, 2011 - 4:22am.

Zacarias De La Cruz is the oldest, most complex and dangerous of the De la Cruz brothers. His talent for remaining cold in battle and a tactical genius has served him well. He has not felt emotions in centuries. However, he manages to see that all of his brothers have life mates. He is now prepared to face the dawn and end his life with honor. 

I admire Zacarias for his determination to see to his brothers happiness. Is it not strange that although he feels no emotions he has keep them as safe as possible? It is in his last hours on the earth that his life mate becomes known to him, she is Marguarita. Marguarita saves him and Zacarias is none to pleased. 

Ms, Feehan has such wonderful insights as to what each of her characters need in a lifemate. Zacarias is a predator to his bone and quite analytical. He searches for answers and does not rest until he finds them. He is so old world that he could not take a modern women who would talk back to him. She needs to be soft but have a backbone of steel.

So Ms. Feehan gives him Marguarita who enjoys the simple things in life. Who will stand up against any force to protect the ones she loves. Who has the ability to communicate with animals in silence with gentle warmth and believe me a times Zacarias is a predatory animal. 

Marguarita has had her throat ripped out by a vampire so she communicates by writing on paper or signing. However, with Zacarias she communicates mind to mind. Zacarias needs this type of communication. He needs to see beyond the words to the feelings and intentions behind them. There was no easy road for the main characters but a slow road to understanding and acceptance, mainly on Zacharias's side. The scenarios and tribulations set up for the main characters force them to grow. 

There will definitely be a somewhat rocky road for these two in the years ahead but they will come through with flying colors. 

Zacarias is something else when he is in predator mode young vampires or ancients do not stand a chance. His motto is definitely take no prisoners and finish what you start. 

I found the story compelling, entertaining and thought provoking.