Psychic Raven Whitney had hoped for some peace and quiet when she escaped the glare of the U.S. for the anonymity of the ancient Carpathian Mountains. Raven had recently gained public notice when she used her gift to help police track down serial killers. Despite her own emotional fatigue, Raven finds herself connecting psychically to another wounded individual somewhere close by.

Prince Mikhail Dubrinsky, leader of his people, is feeling the heavy weight of loneliness and despair. His ancient Carpathian race grows ever closer to extinction as no new females are born.

Then a female voice enters his mind and tries to console him. Intrigued, Mikhail becomes obsessed with finding this unusual human female. From the moment their minds touch, Raven and Mikhail form a connection.

There are fanatics who are determined to destroy Mikhail and his people. These fanatics incorrectly call the Carpathians vampires. Unfortunately, Carpathians do share many similar characteristics with what are commonly called vampires. But Gregori, one of the oldest Carpathians, has made a quest of hunting down the warped individuals who turn into vampires.

All too soon, Raven and Mikhail find themselves caught up in a deadly game of hide and seek, where the winner will be lucky to come out alive.

DARK PRINCE is the newest variation on the ever popular vampire legend. Ms. Feehan brings an interesting twist to a timeless tale of dark and powerful love. (Sep., 314 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith