For intense emotions, power-packed writing, alpha males and building sexual tension, Joyce is unrivaled. In the second installment of the Masters of Time she lures us into the seductive world of good and evil as the brotherhood of the Masters fights demonic powers. She grabs and holds you a willing captive from the opening until the very end.

Allie, like her mother, is a healer who becomes caught in a battle when Master of Time, Royce, travels to the 21st century to meet his destiny and encounters her. Their instantaneous attraction and powerful lovemaking is impossible to forget. Allie is swept back to the 16th century in the hopes she can alter events that might lead to Royce's death.

But her medieval warrior remembers nothing of their time together. It is up to Allie to seduce him into her arms once more. The intense pleasure they share is earth shattering, but the forces of evil will work to tear them apart time and again. Allie must fight the fates to see Royce survive and the vile demon, Moffet, die, never giving up on the power of love to see them through. (HQN, Oct., 440 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin