Spencer Grant is a loner and ex-cop with more than his share of secrets. For a number of years, Spencer has been drifting, but he reevaluates his life when he meets a mysterious woman named Valerie Keene.

When Valerie fails to show up for work one night, Spencer goes to her house, finding it empty. While there, he narrowly escapes being assassinated by government undercover agents, and he is both worried and angry. What agency is in charge, and why do they want to kill Valerie?

A computer wizard, Spencer has spent a lot of time erasing his existence out of government data banks. He uses those same data banks in an effort to locate Valerie. What Spencer doesn't realize is that he has stumbled upon a sinister shadow government run by Thomas Summerton, First Deputy Attorney General of the U.S. This nameless agency is using government anti-crime data resources to wreak vengeance and destroy anyone they feel disagrees with their objectives.

Both Spencer and Valerie are stalked by Roy Miro, a twisted serial killer and Summerton's right-hand man. With all the resources of government and satellite technology arrayed against them, the only way Spencer and Valerie can survive is by using the enemy's own weapons.

DARK RIVERS OF THE HEART is an unforgettable novel that makes you think twice about potential abuses of power, as the world continues to plug into the information superhighway. (Jan, 640 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M.Smith