Author Karen Harper magnificently reveals the problems and opportunities that arise when two cultures exist side by side. DARK ROAD HOME is a moving and soul-stirring story about the effects of grief, treachery, love and acceptance. Terrific reading.

After experiencing the wonders and pain of the outside world, Daniel Brand has decided to return to his Amish roots. His homecoming is marred when his oldest niece, Katie, and three of her friends are killed when a hit-and-run driver smashes into their buggy.

Attorney Brooke Benton and her niece Jennifer have sought shelter in the Amish community of Maple Creek, Ohio following a series of incidents that leave Brooke convinced she is being stalked. Emma Kurtz, Katie's mom, is Brooke's only true friend. When Katie and her friends are killed shortly after leaving her home, Brooke investigates. 

Daniel is torn between the Amish way of letting go and his desire to help Brooke. His feelings for this outsider confuse him even more. Brooke certainly never planned on falling in love with an Amish man; but Daniel is special. 

Brooke uncovers some shady things. Her fears are magnified when it becomes apparent that her stalker has located her. Is there a connection between these events? (Mar., 448 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith