Told in three unique voices, Cash has written an excellent portrayal of a father’s desire to be with his children at all costs. The rich prose takes the reader on a journey through the harsh realities of survival at its most basic levels.

After 12-year-old Easter Quillby finds her mother dead, she and her younger sister enter the foster care system. Now under the guardianship of Brady Weller, they live a comfortable yet isolated life. But their father returns and, though he gave up his parental rights, wants to take the girls with him. When Brady discovers Wade and the girls are gone, he starts to look for Wade and finds a connection to an armored car robbery and a missing $14.5 million. Someone else is also looking for Wade: Robert Pruitt, who wants to collect what he is owed and satisfy a grudge he's had for years. (WILLIAM MORROW, Feb., 240 pp., $25.99, HC, 9780062088253)

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Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown