Image of Dark Room: A Novel


Image of Dark Room: A Novel

New York Times bestseller Kane brings back members of the Montgomery clan introduced in last year's Wrong Place, Wrong Time. Over the years, Kane has exponentially grown as an intricate spinner of complex and frightening tales. Her careful balancing of suspense with character and relationship development makes these books outstanding.

Seventeen years ago, on Christmas Eve, young Morgan Winter discovered the brutally murdered bodies of her parents. Raised by her parents' best friends, Congressman Arthur Shore and his family, Morgan took some comfort in the fact that the killer was caught. But new evidence has surfaced that proves the man imprisoned was not the killer. Former detective Pete "Monty" Montgomery was never entirely satisfied with the case, and at Morgan's request, he now has a chance to get at the real truth.

With the evidence so old, Monty turns to his son Lane's photographic and specialized governmental connections for help. For Lane, who still remembers his father's earlier frustration with this case, helping his dad becomes secondary when he meets the beautiful and surprisingly gutsy Morgan. (MORROW, Apr. 357 pp., $23.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith