Have a son or die-that is Lady Gwynn's choice. Desperate to give her ruthless husband an heir, Gwynn finds a young, willing commoner as her lover.

When Trevin finds himself caught in the Lady's bedroom and a witness to her dilemma, he becomes a pawn in her plan to save her life. Like Gwynn, he is given no choice and it is not until years later that he discovers he has a son.

In the intervening years, Trevin has risen in position and is now the lord of a manor that borders on Gwynn's husband's land. When he hears that Lady Gwynn's husband has returned after being held prisoner for many years and that the son has been accused of murder, Trevin travels to Gwynn's estate to save his child from death.

Though he's embittered by the past and by Lady Gwynn's use of him, the attraction that was once between them does not become dimmed. Furthermore, Trevin is Gwynn's only hope to rescue their child and save her from marrying another, even more brutal man.

Different, fascinating and compelling, DARK RUBY glows with an inner fire. Lisa Jackson brings something unique in her portrait of the Middle Ages that will enlighten readers and bring to life two memorable characters. SENSUAL (Mar., 370 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin