During what he refers to as the dark time, Captain Keegan Rourke fled his home after his father was killed. He does not recall much of that time. When a beautiful stowaway called Victoria is caught and brought to him, some of those long-forgotten memories begin to resurface.

Lady Sheena is running from accusations of having killed her horrid husband on their wedding night. Pursued by Sir Manning, she seeks refuge and an escape on Keegans ship.

Sheena is stunned that Keegan does not remember her, for she vividly remembers him. As they fall in love, Sheena fears Keegan will betray her as he had done in the past. She flees and runs straight into Sir Mannings trap. Yet when the truth about her husbands death is revealed and other old mysteries are solved, Keegan and Sheena will either face death or find an eternal love.

DARK SAPPHIRE fits very well into the Jewel Trilogy as another entertaining medieval romance. Though there are no surprises, Lisa Jackson paces the story well and fills the pages with intrigue and passion. SENSUAL (Aug., 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin