Image of Dark Seduction (Masters of Time, Book 1)


Image of Dark Seduction (Masters of Time, Book 1)

Joyce begins her fascinating new Masters of Time series with a powerfully emotional, ingenious novel about a world peopled with characters that completely capture your imagination. The pages sing with excitement, drama and passion. Joyce sets the standard for otherworldly lovers.

As a newly christened Master, Malcolm of Dunroch must gain the ability to control his extraordinary gifts and his overpowering desire to fulfill his vow: protecting innocents. He resists his physical needs until he rescues Claire Camden. Living in a dangerous city, bookseller Claire is ill prepared for Malcolm, who sweeps into her life and swoops her off to another time; a medieval world unlike anything she has known.

In Malcolm's Highlands, demons and those pledged to fight the evil pervade the world. There is also a great hunt for a page from an ancient text that could change the course of history. Claire is thrust into the middle of this battle, and though she appears fragile she is able to become Malcolm's lover without losing herself or succumbing to a pleasurable death. They become a powerful team in the fight to conquer evil and find a love more powerful than time. (HQN, May, 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin