Image of A Dark Sicilian Secret


Image of A Dark Sicilian Secret

A DARK SICILIAN SECRET (2) by Jane Porter: Detroit native Jillian Smith thought she had found true love with Vittorio d’Severano, the Sicilian businessman who stole her heart — and fathered her child — until one of his maids lets Jillian in on a secret: Vittorio is a mob boss! Jillian kidnaps their son and runs off to “protect” the infant from the clutches of the mafia. Vittorio steals the child back, and uses him to blackmail Jillian into marriage. And if that’s not enough, Jillian has a mobster secret all her own. There’s rarely been a hero and heroine who lie to each other — and openly view each other with disgust — more than Jillian and Vittorio. Unfortunately, that makes this story very difficult to finish.

Reviewed by: 
Andrew Shaffer