Five generations of the St. Vincent family were plagued by a curse that's caused mysterious deaths and tragedies. Will history repeat itself with the new generation?

Alain Randall, the new Earl of St. Vincent, is determined to break the curse. But the only way is to wed and mate at the winter solstice. He receives a summons meant for his deceased brother and goes in his place to claim the intended bride.

Before Lady Eleanor's father died, he arranged for her marriage. The arrival of Alain provides her with the means to save herself from her lecherous cousin. She agrees to marry Alain and journeys to his estate in Cornwall, where she's assailed with rumors of her fiancé murdering his father and half-brother. Lea isn't certain she will be able to put her fears aside and give in to the demands of her future husband.

Jacobs' dark, brooding romance is teeth-clenching. The exceptional medieval research, laced with tons of sexual tension, creates an irresistible romance. (dl $4.95)
Reviewed by: 
Suzie Housley