DARK SINS AND DESERT SANDS (4) by Stephanie Draven: After being held captive and tortured in the Middle East for two years, Ray Stavrakis manages to escape and sneak back into the United States, vowing revenge on Layla Bahset, a psychologist who worked with the men who tortured him. During his captivity, Ray acquired the ability to get into people’s minds and take the information he needs, and he’s determined to read Layla so he can get the name of the person who ordered his capture. But when he sees Layla again, he realizes she’s telling the truth about not remembering her past, and his growing attraction to her compels him to protect her when he realizes she may be in danger. Draven combines old world gods and the supernatural to make for an exciting read. The descriptions are also quite good, particularly when she describes Layla’s love of the desert and Ray’s supernatural ability.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay