Image of Dark Storm (Carpathian)


Image of Dark Storm (Carpathian)

The Carpathian world just got richer, with the introduction of an intrepid new heroine. Riley’s journey into the world of the supernatural is sudden and horrific, but her inner strength helps her adapt. It’s also wonderful that Gary and Jubal return as significant players. Great battles, terrifying evil and passion abound in this exceptional tale. Great storytelling comes from both talent and hard work: Feehan is a true master of her craft!

Riley Parker makes a pilgrimage with her mother to a volcano, intent on performing an ancient ritual handed down from mother to daughter. If they don’t, a hideous evil will be unleashed. Deep inside the volcano, two beings have been trapped for centuries, the vampire Mitro and his dogged pursuer, the Carpathian Dax. Their release signals the recommencement of an epic war between good and evil -— with Riley at the center. (BERKLEY, Oct., 384 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith