To protect her farm and family from the raiders who killed their father, Kristin McCahy strikes a bargain with the mysterious stranger. She'll become Cole Slater's mistress if he'll protect them and the ranch. She convinces herself that this is a sacrifice she must make. The two seem to spend as much time arguing as making love, but little by little Kristin begins to see another side of Cole.

Over the years, life leads Kristin and Cole on quite a ride, as they witness the futility of the war and realize good and evil isn't as clear as Blue and Grey.

With a wonderful sense of history, this story is at once stark and terrifying, heartwarming and sensual. Ms. Pozzessere delivers steamy romance and deep emotions that will carry the reader along on this enjoyable journey. SPICY (Reissue, Aug., 296 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson