Leave it to Sizemore to find a clever way to export her popular vampire Primes series to outer space. This claustrophobic futuristic prison drama delivers a thrilling story of danger, diplomacy and secrecy. Superior romantic adventure!

Zoe Pappas is the heir to the Byzant empire. She's also a trained diplomat on a secret mission when the ship she's on is captured by the warring Hajim. The Hajim don't realize who she is, so Zoe is taken to an underground prisoner-of-war camp on a remote planet.

General Raven, aka "Doc," is in charge of all the human POWs. Doc also has a secret: He's a vampire Prime and senses there's something different about Zoe, but he has no idea of her importance. Although they occasionally butt heads, it will take both their skills to escape. (POCKET STAR, Nov., 351 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith