After centuries of living on the edge of disaster, Carpathian Byron Justicano finally finds his life mate. It was her music that led Byron to Antonietta Scarletti, but it is her spirit that keeps him enthralled.

The Scarlettis are an old, secretive family. Antonietta is heir to a vast fortune, but also its dark secrets. Blinded as a child in the boating accident that killed her parents, she has not let this stop her composing career. Her grandfather, Don Giovanni Scarletti, grows increasingly frailer, and on one terrifying night, both she and Don Giovanni are kidnapped and threatened with death.

Byron senses his life mate's fear and responds, saving both Don Giovanni and Antonietta. Soon he realizes that the danger emanates from within the Palazzo Della Morte. Something supernatural is stalking the halls, wanting Antonietta dead. In order to help, Byron may be forced to reveal all of his awesome powers.

Christine Feehan and her fascinating Carpathians are back! With her first book for new publisher Jove, Feehan dives right back into the complex world that has made her a bestseller. By bringing in the Scarletti family, Feehan also intertwines the family history from her Gothic novel The Scarletti Inheritance. (Mar., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith