Showalter consistently creates compelling and action-packed tales where alien creatures are intricately woven into a believable futuristic world. But Dark Taste of Rapture takes it up a notch and Showalter gives readers what they’ve been waiting for — a storyline starring the beautiful, funny and tough-as-nails Noelle Tremain. This story was worth the wait. Showalter could build an entire series on Noelle and readers would be hooked for life — she’s that enjoyable.

Noelle is determined to make it through AIR training camp and become an AIR agent. An expert at making people believe she’s stupid, spoiled and weak, they’re in for a surprise when she handles everything they can dish out and more. No one is more surprised than she when she meets Agent Hector Dean. She desperately wants him to see beyond her façade, beyond his apparent attraction for her and fight for her. As their relationship grows it’ll be tested not only by their own past but also by the case they’re on. Hector is the complete opposite of Noelle. He’s hardened by the things he’s done and seen. No way does a woman who sleeps on designer silk sheets fit into his world. And yet he cannot get Noelle out of his mind. (POCKET STAR, Sep., 464 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton