The windswept, forbidding coastline is the ideal location for Chase's second Blackheath Moor gothic, where fear, deception and passion dwell together. She sends chills down your spine as she heats up the pages with passionate love scenes and frightening incidents. Chase's name is fast becoming synonymous with delicious, heart-stopping thrillers.

An indiscretion sends Sophie St. Clair to relatives in Cornwall, where she investigates strange lights in the harbor and their possible connection to Edgecombe Manor.

Since his father's death, Chad Rutherford, the fifth Earl of Wycliffe, has stayed away, but he returns one last time. Fate and the spirits of those seeking peace thrust Sophie and Chad together. Danger and the temptation to surrender to love cannot stop their search for the truth behind the lights, the dead bodies washed ashore, the whispers of smugglers and the legends of the pirates that once roamed the moor. (Signet Eclipse, Nov., 336 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin