Image of Dark Warrior


Image of Dark Warrior

Dark Warrior takes readers on an entertaining journey into a new mythological world of Ionian priestesses and Minot warriors. While many of the characters are interesting and the storyline creative, readers may find themselves occasionally pulled out of the story. If the villainess was stronger and more hateful the conflict would be more compelling. Sophia’s tenacity and the mythological mystery are what keep readers engaged.

Sophia is attacked by a Minot warrior and rescued by another warrior, one she has an instant attraction to. An Ionian priestess and member of a secluded guild of priestesses, the Minot have been their enemy for centuries. When one of her sisters disappears, Sophia begins to question everything. Half Ionian and half Minot, Jason grew up believing that the two could live harmoniously together and that their harmony was the key to their salvation. But the Ionians are mistrustful of his motivations. Now he’s fallen in love with Sophia and their passion may mean their death. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Sep., 304 pp., $7.99)
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