Image of Dark Wolf (Spirit Wild)


Image of Dark Wolf (Spirit Wild)

Douglas introduces her Spirit Wild series with a new generation of sexy Chanku wolves. Set in the San Francisco Bay area and the wilds of Montana, supported by a cast from the Wolf Tale books and fresh faces as well, this novel thrives on action and strong sexual encounters. There’s f/f and m/m sex.

A series of rapes and murders chill Lily Cheval to the core and she fears for her people. Suspicion falls on Sebastian Xenakis because he was in the immediate vicinity of the crimes and cannot account for his time. His ability to shift through magic and lack of Chanku heritage further implicates him. When Lily and Sebastian meet, their instant attraction is overwhelming. Her father puts him through a test to see if he is Chanku. Otherwise they cannot mate. She is sure there is another explanation for the attacks, so she and Sebastian work with her father and other pack members to unearth the culprit. (APHRODISIA, May, 352 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown