Image of Dark Wolf (Carpathian Novel, A)


Image of Dark Wolf (Carpathian Novel, A)

For years avid Feehan fans have been patiently waiting for Skyler and Dimitri’s story to unfold. First introduced years ago as an extraordinary child, Skyler is finally an adult and ready to take charge of her life. The interplay of destiny and free will has been a major theme in this long-running series, but strong-willed Skyler is up to the challenge. Well worth the wait, this story is thrilling, affecting and passionate — another Feehan classic!

Since being rescued as a child, human Skyler Daratrazanoff has known that Dimitri Tirunul is her destined life-mate. As she has matured, their unusual bond has only grown stronger. So when Dimitri is taken hostage by the Lycans and tortured, Skyler knows it is up to her to rescue him. If Dimitri’s people, the Carpathians, mount a rescue, it will cause a war, but a young human woman could carry off a covert rescue. So with the help of her two BFFs, Paul and Josef, Skyler sets her plan in motion. But upon arrival the trio learns there is more going on than expected and it threatens their entire world. (BERKLEY, Jan., 432 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith