A fabulous start to a new series for discerning readers who are looking for a different YA paranormal. Engaging characters, an interesting premise and lots of action complement an exciting plot. And, as for the the hero, a deadly sin never looked better. If you’re a fan of Accardo’s Denazen series, grab this one, too.

Jessie Darker is a high school student by day and a paranormal investigator for her family’s agency by night. Things get interesting when Lukas Scott, aka Wrath, asks for help in finding a stolen box that holds the now-escaped seven deadly sins. They have only five days to recapture the sins, all while trying to prevent a spell that threatens to unleash them indefinitely. But what will happen when Jessie falls for Lukas, er, Wrath? (ENTANGLED, Aug., 332 pp., $3.99, E, 12 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Susannah Balch