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Image of Darker Domain, A

This renowned Scottish writer's fascinating new book is dark, less violent than some previous titles and heartbreakingly vivid. Its greatest strength is its depiction of the horrendous miners' strike of the mid-1980s. The poverty
that swept the area sounds like the worst of Dickens and makes our present economic problems seem frivolous. This is
a wonderfully written book you can't
put down.

Two cases from the mid-1980s require Fife Detective Inspector Karen Pirie's attention. In 1984, at the height of the miners' strike, a man abandoned his family and became a strikebreaker in the south, or so people believe. As good as dead to his community and family, he's not reported missing until his daughter comes to the police 23 years later, desperate to find her only hope for a medical cure for her son.

At the same time Pirie gets a case with political ramifications. The kidnapping of a prominent man's daughter and her infant son in 1985 ended in the death of the woman and the disappearance of her child. After a clue surfaces, the woman's father vows to find his missing grandson. (HARPER, Feb., 336 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor