Someone has been targeting federal judges and after an extremely brutal murder, the Feds are sure that Judge Irene Hannah will be the next victim. When she refuses FBI protection, her old friend, ADA Mary Crow, agrees to act as the judges protector.

For the two women its a chance to catch up on their friendship, but Mary takes her job seriously. She is ever vigilant but thats not enough. The group that has targeted the judges is all encompassing and they are able to kidnap Irene.

She is spirited off to the North Carolina wilderness, but the militant group that has taken her has not taken into account Mary Crows doggedness nor her ability to survive in subhuman conditions.

Although the suspense in A DARKER JUSTICE is not as intense as last years In the Forest of Harm, there is definitely enough to keep you happily turning the pages. Mary Crow is a fascinating character and its just sheer fun to watch her personality develop. (Jan., 319 pp., $22.95))

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg