If you're interested in the physical and psychological aspects of power-exchange sex, this book is for you. Bradley's excellent prose and clear shifts in point of view create well-rounded stories that are sure to satisfy. The heroines may not know what they want at the beginning of their tales, but by the end, their goals are pretty clear! This is a very enticing read.

Bradley's three novellas are all set on the West Coast, and all are steamy explorations of sex with a twist. In "The Bonds of Love," a married couple uses sexual adventure to heal their troubled union. "The Lair" explores what happens when a young woman determined to learn the submissive art falls in love. The final novella, "Love and Discipline," forces a journalist to answer the question of just how far she will go in her interview with a "sensual extremist." (Bantam, Oct., 321 pp., $13.00)
Reviewed by: 
Rhomylly Forbes