The sequel to Midnight Secrets brings Cassie's
sister Andromeda into
the dark and mysterious world of Dartmoor's End. A romance between Andromeda and Lord Alexander creates sexual tension and brings dark forces to the surface. St. Giles hones in
on the classic elements of the gothic, adding her unique voice and sensuality
to a chilling story. Hail to a new mistress of the genre!

Andromeda's arrival reawakens the sadness of her cousin Mary's death and the hostility between the twins, Sean and Alexander, who believe the legend that predicts the death of one of the brothers at the hand of the other. Alex's apparent bitterness and anger draw Andromeda to him and, in turn, pull her into the loose ends left over from the investigation into Mary's death.

It might appear that the case has been solved, but a recent murder and odd carvings on the body prove the killer is still on the loose. Can Andromeda trust Alex? Is his relationship with Sean at such odds that nothing can repair it? Will her "sight" enable her to uncover the truth, or will the dark secrets, ancient curses and present- day dangers make her another of the killer's victims? (Berkley Sensation, Dec., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin