Image of Darkest Fire (Black Gryffon)


Image of Darkest Fire (Black Gryffon)

Totally absorbing, Taylor’s series first captures your attention while crafting a hot romance. With intense dom/submissive play included, the story has elements of humor and a dark and enticing backstory. It’s a well-told tale to boot.

Brothers Drako, Talen and Malek are now the leaders of the Black Gryffons. They are responsible for protecting the Secret from the Chimera, who want to control it. “It” has to do with sources of power that humanity uses. Meanwhile, the transition of power from their father also calls for the three to marry quickly and sire children. Enter Rin, who is in need of financial support to free her sister from a life of sexual slavery. Drako is determined not to bring his dark side into their relationship but Rin may be more of a match for him than he realizes. (APHRODISIA, Apr., 256 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins