Image of The Darkest Heart


Image of The Darkest Heart

The queen of erotic romance shifts gears into a straight paranormal, but Devine’s sensual language and complexities of plot are evident even if there isn’t a ménage à trois. She builds a vampiric world that is dark, sinister and sensual. It tangles itself around readers while sucking them into a convoluted maze of suspense and passion.

Streetwise Seena Landseth thinks she’s found the perfect con. She’ll pass herself off as the distant relation of a wealthy family. Countess Lazlaric is desperate for an heir. She needs a biddable girl to marry her son, Charles, and Seena appears to be ideal. Seena has no idea of the secrets the family holds. For 20 years Dominick Janau has been waiting to have his revenge against his maker. Seena is the key and so he protects her, watching as a bat or wisps of smoke, entering her dreams and holding her body. But when Seena sees too much he whisks her away to London. But the Countess and Charles follow, threatening Seena’s safety. Then London is plunged terror because of a series of vampire murders. How many vampires are there? Seena begins putting the pieces together. Only her growing passion for Dominick keeps her strong and focused when she is trapped by evil on all sides. (GALLERY, Jun., 296 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin