The sight of a woman bound and gagged being brought to St. Anthonys Priory does not sit well with Brother Reynold Wells. So to ease his conscience, he helps her escape.

At first frightened by the taciturn monk, Lady Katherine Berkley soon realizes she has to put her trust in him. Though she keeps her secrets to herself, it is imperative that she go to Nottingham to warn King Richard of the plot to kill him.

Reynold has not yet taken his final vows. He has entered the monastery to atone for his past. Although betrothed to someone else, Katherine cannot put aside her feelings for Reynold, nor can he overlook his attraction to her.

It seems that fate will test their courage when the perilous journey comes to an end.

THE DARKEST KNIGHT entices the reader into a medieval tapestry of honor, courage, redemption and love. SENSUAL (Jan., 379 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond