Image of The Darkest Lie (Hqn)


Image of The Darkest Lie (Hqn)

Part of the fun of this newest Lords of the Underworld book is translating “Gideon speak” — for this hero is cursed with the demon Lies. Showalter also gives readers a deeper look into several of the gods and their roles in this dark drama. An extra dollop of poignancy gives this romantic adventure an emotional edge.

As the keeper of Lies, Gideon cannot speak the truth without experiencing debilitating pain. Luckily his friends are used to his speech patterns, but it sure wreaks havoc on his love life. Gideon is flummoxed when a woman named Scarlet, keeper of Nightmares, shows up claiming she is his wife — too bad Gideon can’t remember her. The Lords fear a scorned Scarlet will join with the Hunters, so Gideon decides to seduce the truth out of her. But the gods Cronus and Rhea are about to make a mess of his plans. (HQN, Jul., 436 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith