Image of The Darkest Night (Lords of the Underworld, Book 1)


Image of The Darkest Night (Lords of the Underworld, Book 1)

Dark and tormented doesn't begin
to describe these cursed warriors
called the Lords of the Underworld. Showalter has created characters
desperately fighting to retain a semblance of humanity, which means the heroines are in for a rough ride. This
is darkly satisfying and passionately thrilling stuff.

It was pride that destroyed immortal warrior Maddox and his fellow warriors. Stung that the Greek gods chose Pandora to guard the demon-filled dimOuniak, they let loose the demons to their eternal regret and now are cursed to contain them within themselves. Maddox not only carries the demon Violence, he's also cursed to die brutally every night. Holed up in Budapest, the warriors live a fairly isolated existence, until a young woman arrives.

Ashlyn Darrow has her own troubles--mainly the voices of people in her head that she can't shut off. But Maddox quiets them. Is Ashlyn's arrival a trap set by demon hunters, or is it a plot by the Titans, who have just overthrown the Greek gods? Either way, things are not looking good. (HQN, May, 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith