Image of In the Darkest Night (Light Warriors, Book 4)


Image of In the Darkest Night (Light Warriors, Book 4)

O'Shea has another winner with her latest novel, which is even faster and more interesting than its predecessor. With beautifully flawed characters,
this is a paranormal book sure to be believed. Equal parts passion and horror blend to create one great read.

Exiled by her family and world, Farran fends for herself. But when a nightstalker and demon advance upon her one night, she realizes she can't go on alone.

Troubleshooter Kel Andrews believes he must deal with his flashbacks and nightmares on his own. He's unwilling to burden his family or the Gineal council. When Farran and Kel find one another, things become more hectic and calming, all at the same time. They need one another to survive the world around them -- as well as their own minds. (TOR, Apr., 320 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lauren Becker