The battle between the Sons of Darkness and the Realm of Light kicks into over-drive as both sides attempt to get their hands on sisters who may be more than they appear. Gifted Burton adds more dark thrills and sexy danger to her well-paced story as these protagonists must fight to choose their destiny.

When Angelique Deveraux agreed to unearth a black diamond for Diavolo Diamonds, she had no idea her boss was a demon who expected her to not only find the diamond but also activate it. When Angie fails to do so, she fears the person the demons are really looking for is her twin sister, Isabelle. In the battle's aftermath Angie hides the black diamond and runs off to search for her sister.

Demon hunter Ryder vows not to let the intriguing Angie escape him this time. Angie is willing to help the Realm of Light but not at the expense of her sister. Because of the darkness that has always existed within her twin, Angie fears for Isabelle's soul. (DELL, Nov., 368 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith