Image of Darkfire Kiss: A Dragonfire Novel


Image of Darkfire Kiss: A Dragonfire Novel

After watching so many of his brethren get their Firestorm, it is finally Rafferty Powell’s turn, but true to form, nothing goes as expected. Over the course of her terrific DragonFire series, Cooke has introduced numerous intriguing characters. In this book some plot threads are completed while new channels are opened. Cooke’s consistent excellence ensures a great read!

Pyr Rafferty Powell has an existing fight-to-the-death challenge with arch-nemesis Magnus Montmorency. Rafferty is determined that their next confrontation be their last. While tracking Magnus, Rafferty sees a human woman breaking into Magnus’ house. Reporter Melissa Smith is out to avenge the murder of her source, Daphne. Melissa knows that Magnus is a criminal arms dealer, but she has no idea he is also a dragon until she breaks into his house and witnesses a confrontation between Magnus and Rafferty. Upon meeting Melissa, Rafferty realizes that she has unleashed his Firestorm, but the resulting fire is darkfire — the stuff of legend. Nothing will ever be the same! (SIGNET ECLIPSE, May, 416 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith