Those savvy, butt-kicking D'Artigo sisters are back, and this chapter in their ongoing saga is told from troubled vampire Menolly's perspective. Galenorn does a remarkable job of delving into the psyches and fears of her characters. As this series matures, so do her heroines. The sex sizzles and the danger fascinates!

Half-fae, half-human and now a vampire, Menolly fought back from the insanity that gripped her after being tortured and turned by the powerful and evil Dredge. She yearns for the opportunity to destroy her sire, and it may be time. Dredge has crossed over from Otherworld to Earth and could be in league with the demon Shadow Wing, who is trying to break the boundaries that separate the worlds. With a war going on back home, Menolly and her sisters must find new allies in their attempt to fight the encroaching darkness. To beat Dredge once and for all, Menolly will have to face her darkest fears and find a way to sever the cord that binds them. (Berkley, Jan., 281 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith