Image of Darkling I Listen


Image of Darkling I Listen

Hollywood bad boy Brandon Carlyle has come home to this East Texas town to hide from the taint of his imprisonment on charges of rape and murder. He also hopes to escape the stalker whose threatening letters are signed Anticipating.

But there are too many memories and too many people who dont like him, either for being famous or being involved in a scandal that curtailed a promising career. There is enough jealousy and hatred seething in Tricky Creek to send anyone else running back to Hollywood.

Tabloid reporter Alyson James is looking for a story when she falls out of a tree in Brandons yard. He knows he shouldnt believe her story about helping him work on his autobiography, but he takes her deep into his confidence.

Surrounded by peopleall of whom could be AnticipatingBrandon must decide if he can place his life in Alysons hands and take risks that will allow him to control his fate and unmask Anticipating.

Perhaps darker, more intense, and grittier then anything she has ever written, DARKLING, I LISTEN is not for everyone, but it is a powerful, sensual thriller. Ms. Sutcliffe keeps you guessing up to the last second as she weaves her spell by plunging you directly into the story and spinning you around until you are anticipating exposing the villain as much as Brandon. Only a true master can pull off a story like this one! (Sep., 464 pp., $7.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin