An heiress goes missing in the upstate New York town of Millers Kill. Millie van der Hoeven never returns from her evening walk in the woods, and Episcopalian minister Clare Fergusson joins the search-and-rescue team looking for her.

Instead, they find another woman, Becky Castle, brutally beaten and left for dead in the forest. At the crux of these crimes is the impending sale of van der Hoeven land, which will no longer be used for logging after it is turned over to an environmental conservancy, putting many locals out of work.

Before it's all over, the seemingly mundane existence of this small New York town will be thoroughly altered. As police chief Russ Van Alstyne and Clare, his unrequited love interest, try to solve the mystery, the friendship of these solid, down-to-earth characters moves closer to romance, and the intrigue continues to build, revealing a riveting, well-plotted criminal adventure. (Jun., 320 pp., $23.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick