Image of Darkness Becomes Her (The Offspring)


Image of Darkness Becomes Her (The Offspring)

Rush continues her complicated Offspring series, combining romantic suspense with paranormal and futuristic elements to produce a compelling story rich with intriguing characters. This newest chapter keeps exploring the extraterrestrial thread, picking up with mysterious brothers Lachlan and Magnus. Rush can be counted on to deliver a quality product time after time.

Following their father’s death, Lachlan and Magnus have been rebuilding their lives. After a horrific accident in which Lachlan inadvertently killed his mother, he tried to eliminate his paranormal abilities. However, they come back when Lachlan sees a vision of Magnus dead on the ground with a woman standing over him. Magnus can’t believe the cute girl he is pursuing, Jessie Bellandre, could hurt him, but Lachlan is worried. Since she witnessed the killing of her mother, and her uncle taking over her father’s body, Jessie has been on the move trying to hide from her uncle. Jessie knows she carries the same “Darkness” within her, and she fears its consequences. When Jessie is confronted by Lachlan about his vision, Jessie worries that her uncle may have found her. (AVON, Jun., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith