Image of Darkness Bound (Chimney Rock)


Image of Darkness Bound (Chimney Rock)

No matter what the genre, you can always count on the gifted Cameron to deliver an exciting tale filled with passion and thrills. Cameron launches her sizzling Chimney Rock series featuring werehounds and other supernatural creatures. Dark things are stirring on Whidbey Island, which means that for lucky readers, chills and thrills aren’t far behind!

Widowed Leigh Kelly decides to start her life over in the tiny town of Chimney Rock on Whidbey Island. But things are not as peaceful as they first appear, for women have been disappearing. Former Special Ops soldier Niles Latimer and his pack of werehounds are keeping watch on Whidbey, for they know a renegade werewolf pack is plotting something. From the first Niles senses that there is something different about Leigh, something that could make her a compatible mate for a werehound. However because Leigh does not understand her unique heritage, introducing her to the supernatural may be difficult. Time is running out, for evil is definitely stalking Leigh. (FOREVER, Mar., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith