Image of Darkness Bred (Chimney Rock)


Image of Darkness Bred (Chimney Rock)

Dark happenings keep circling Whidbey Island and the small town of Chimney Rock, causing no end of danger to the werehounds and their allies. Cameron is an expert at generating eerie and creepy story elements, most prominently showcased in her highly malignant villain. For protagonists Elin and Sean, the obstacles to their relationship lie not only with their enemies but also their friends.

Kidnapped as a baby and raised by Tarhazian, Queen of the Fae, Elin knows nothing about her true heritage. Her only clues are her unique abilities — like being able to shapeshift into the cat Skillywidden. Banished by her mother, Elin has come to Whidbey Island to stay with another exiled fae, Sally. While helping the werehounds with their werewolf problem, Elin meets Sean Black and their attraction is born. However both the fae and werehounds object to the relationship. Knowing they are mates, Elin and Sean fight back, but a danger from Sean’s past has returned and it is now tied to a genuine evil that threatens them all. (FOREVER, Jun., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith