The paranormal characters and multiple storylines of the third book in Devlin's Dark Realm series might be confusing for new readers. That said, the sex, including light bondage and SandM, is satisfyingly spicy and sultry.

An extreme storm has transformed New Orleans into a lawless city, and Mikaela, a journalist without a past, is searching for the nightmare haunting the streets. But the scariest thing in the city might be the vampire who fires her blood and satisfies her deepest, darkest desires.

For centuries, Alex Broussard, a daywalker, has waited to fulfill his destiny. Now he's more than ready to face and defeat his enemies -- a demon and an all-powerful female vampire. Alex isn't sure how Miki fits into his future, but he isn't letting her go as he builds a new life for himself and his kind. He also believes that his remaining enemy is safely imprisoned. (AVON RED, Jul., 304 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison