Image of Darkness Calls (Hunter Kiss, Book 2)


Image of Darkness Calls (Hunter Kiss, Book 2)

Liu returns to her inordinately dense and intricately layered world in the
latest Hunter Kiss novel. Her ability to deliver kick-butt action and characters whose humanity resonates, even when they're anything but human, is a testament to her outstanding storytelling skills. Liu's imagination is an amazing place to visit.

Defying generations of her female forebears' strictures, Maxine Kiss has begun to make emotional connections. Her mission remains unchanged. She and the Boys -- the living tattoos that reside on her body -- kill demons who take over humans' bodies. Maxine's love for Grant, the former priest who runs a homeless shelter, grows ever stronger, as does her fear ... for Grant is also a lightbringer and the last of his kind.

Beings known as Avatars want to destroy Grant because they fear his power, and Maxine is also in the line of fire, both for protecting Grant and because the Avatars fear she's uniquely and terrifyingly different from her Hunter predecessors. (ACE, Jul., 303 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith