When a tornado forces her to relocate to Foxglove Corners, Michigan, Jennet Greenway is prepared to enjoy life in the quaint village. She finds her interest piqued by handsome sheriffs deputy Crane Ferguson. She also finds friendship with her older neighbor, Camille Forester.

Camille has lived alone for almost 30 years following the death of her husband, Richard Vesper. She suffers a new tragedy when her diaries become public knowledge and are printed in the newspaper. These journals detail the misery of her married life and the torment she faced at the hands of her husband. The journals also tell how she wished him dead and plotted his murder.

When the journals are reprinted, not only is her husbands case reopened, Camille also begins receiving threatening notes. Jennet does not wish to see her friend suffer and against Cranes wishes, decides to uncover the truth about the death of Richard Vesper and the anonymous notes.

Although an overabundance of detail tends to bog down the action, romantic suspense lovers will enjoy DARKNESS AT FOXGLOVE CORNERS. (Jan., 328 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg