Image of Darkness Revealed   [DARKNESS REVEALED] [Mass Market Paperback]


Image of Darkness Revealed   [DARKNESS REVEALED] [Mass Market Paperback]

Ivy expands her vibrant paranormal world with a new story that focuses on star-crossed lovers forcibly separated by powers-that-be. In addition to her sexy vampires, Ivy weaves in Arthurian and fey plot threads to keep the action brisk and the danger imminent. Her place in the paranormal pantheon is assured!

Two centuries ago, a chance romantic encounter between vampire Conde Cesar and Anna Randal changed both their lives. Before, Anna thought of herself as normal, but since she hasn't aged in the 200 years since, she blames Cesar for both her circumstances and his apparent abandonment.

It was not Cesar's choice to disappear from Anna's life. He was forcibly removed by the powerful oracles. It's Anna's destiny to become an oracle herself, and as penance for their sexual encounter, Cesar has been forced to serve the oracles. Now a new threat against Anna has arisen as Morgana, queen of the fey, is determined to destroy her. Protecting Anna is Cesar's mission and obsession, but can he gain a second chance at love? (ZEBRA, Mar., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith