Image of Darkness Rising (Riley Jenson)


Image of Darkness Rising (Riley Jenson)

Arthur just keeps ‘em coming! Darkness Rising, the second in the Dark Angels series, picks up right where Darkness Unbound left off — with the death of Risa’s mother. And the plot keeps spinning as she unwillingly follows her father’s cues and struggles to deny her growing attraction to Azriel, a reaper with no human emotions or needs.

Risa Jones is still mourning her mother when her father rears his ugly head. She’s the secret to finding the book and the keys to the gates of heaven and hell. Those with the keys have all the power. Risa’s friends are in danger if she doesn’t comply. And of course, nothing comes easy. Risa is instructed by the leader of the vampire council, Madeline Hunter, to find out what is stealing the life from other council members and driving them mad. If she doesn’t find out what is behind the vampire killings, she’s as good as dead. It’s all in a day’s work for Risa, who bands together with her friends to save the world once again. (DELL, Nov., 368 pp., $7.99)
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Annette Elton