Image of Darkness Splintered (Dark Angels)


Image of Darkness Splintered (Dark Angels)

This latest addition to the Dark Angels series sees Arthur’s impressive heroine facing a host of paranormal and supernatural threats, as well as some very human heartache, allowing her to shine in all her multifaceted glory. As the stakes rise and the many plotlines within the series begin to coalesce, readers will be swept up in a whirlwind of action that doesn’t let up — and when they finally emerge, they’ll realize that for all the excitement and emotion of this installment, it is only going to get better from here.

The keys to the gates of Heaven and Hell are missing and, for Risa Jones, the stakes in the quest to retrieve them are getting even higher. Still reeling from the pain of a recent betrayal and the loss of the angel she loved, Risa learns that members of the vampire council are calling for her death — unless she agrees to confront the council’s menacing leader, Madeline Hunter. But when her father orders her to return the keys or see all those she loves put in mortal peril, Risa has no choice but to risk everything to retrieve the keys before the gates fall — and unleash hell on earth. (SIGNET, Nov., 400 pp., $7.99)
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Bridget Keown