You will keep turning the pages as Hill's characters explore an uncharted world of darkness, evil and spine-tingling horror. The of this unforgettable book is irresistible.

Jocelyn Ayers' existence revolves around finding and destroying the vampire Edrik, who claimed the life of his daughter. As he searches for Edrik, Jocelyn ends up rescuing a young art major. Together they forge an inseparable bond to destroy a madman.

The scenes that artist Charlie paint foretell the future. Her family is part of a coven and she also has the power to kill vampires.

After Jocelyn rescues her from an attack by Edrik, Charlie agrees to be Jocelyn's apprentice. But as darkness and danger threaten their new and growing love, both fear they may not live to see it fulfilled.

(Oct., dl $6.49)

Reviewed by: 
Suzie Housley