Following in the tradition of her extraordinary grandmother, Skye O'Malley, the headstrong and independent Jasmine DeMarisco sets out to conquer her destiny with a story as memorable, sensual and adventurous as any in the incomparable Skye O'Malley saga.

Though two years ago King James commanded that Jasmine marry James Leslie, the Earl of Glenkirk, she has managed to slip through his fingers. Time is running out as James makes plans to corner his elusive betrothed and force her to wed.

In defiance of the king, Jasmine fled England for sanctuary in France, taking her four children including the king's grandchild, Prince Henry Stuart. She will never surrender her freedom...at least not without a fight.

When James finally locates Jasmine, a sensual battle of wills and wiles ensues, a war in which they both have much to lose and a great deal to gain. Back in James' arms, Jasmine rediscovers her passionate nature and a love that captures her soul.

After a sweet idyll in France, James, Jasmine and the children return to the Stuart court where others wait with ruthless plans to drive them apart. Even as enemies conspire to destroy their love, Jasmine and James forge a bond too powerful for betrayal and trickery to shatter.

The grand mistress of exotic, adventurous romance once more illuminates the glory of love with a passionate, exciting tale. Filled with rich, colorful, historical details and magical love, DARLING JASMINE has moments of rare poignancy, heartstopping adventure and sizzling sensuality, hallmarks of Bertrice Small's phenomenal novels. Readers will once more be swept away on a voyage of wonder and passion. VERY SENSUAL (June, 432 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin