Jimi Plain likes her uncomplicated life. A divorced mother of two teenaged girls, she lives with her grandmother and her cousin Danny, a homicide cop. Shes happy not to date. All this changes when shes given a gift certificate to the New You Center for Dating.

Jimi gets to the center to meet with counselor Steffi Hargitay, but Steffi is locked in her office. When a staff member unlocks the door they discover that Steffis head has been bashed in. The police are called in and Jimis cousin Danny is in charge.

Jimi has a lot of faith in the police but shes so closely involved in this case she cant resist doing a little snooping. Although the police investigation seems to run into a dead end, Jimis sleuthing must be on mark as the killer decides to target her next.

DATING CAN BE DEADLY is a lively, humorous tale that also takes a serious look at the singles scene and human loneliness. Jimi is an engaging character and in spite of the dating fiasco, the story ends with the hope of a new romance entering her life. (Nov., 288 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg